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How much rain will the LeafX® gutter system handle?
How many inches per hour will LeafX® handle?
Will it work on roofs with steep pitches?
What material is used in LeafX®?
What kind of warranty does the LeafX® gutter protection system have?
Can I install the gutter covers myself?
Can squirrels or birds enter and build nests?
Is LeafX® nailed or screwed into the roof or fascia?
Will LeafX® install over my existing gutters?
Will LeafX® change the appearance of my house?
How much will the LeafX® gutter protection system cost?
Will LeafX® prevent ice dams?
Will I need to clean or maintain my LeafX® gutter protection system?
Is LeafX® environmentally friendly ("green")?
Our plant that produces the aluminum sheets used to make LeafX® operates a state of the art, scrap based Mini-Mill. This allows us to make a product that contains 98% recycled material. Furthermore, all scrap metal produced in the formation of our gutter covers is also recycled again so that nothing is wasted. LeafX® is currently in the process of becoming officially certified as a green building product.
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